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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  July 22, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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bye. >> no deal this friday as tempers and temperatures continue to rise. >> it is going to be a hot weekend in washington, d.c. >> i hope that everybody is keeping cool. and as today's suffocating heat paralyzes much of the country, an entrenched political debate seems to have paralyzed washington. despite rumor and rapidly approaching august 2nd dead line, there is no deal with the house republicans and the president and the financial disaster is now looming. the president today was on the offensive taking his message, one of shared sacrifice, a ba balance between cutting spending and raising revenues directly to the american people. at a town hall at the university of maryland. the president rolled up his sleeves, and acknowledged that taking one's medicine is not always an easy task, but both sides need to compromise. >> in 2010, americans chose a
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plan, but not a dysfunctional government. so there is time for political campaigning, but right now, this debate should not be about putting on scoring political points. it should be about doing what is right for the country. >> but while the president's demeanor may seem relaxed even under fire, his main opponent house speaker john boehner appeared hot under the collar at a news conference and then on the floor of the house, agitated and less than 24 hours after his zippity doo dah moment. >> president obama talks about being the adult in the room. where's his plan to cut spending and to raise the debt limit? >> but mr. speaker, our own
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polling found that a majority of the americans prefer the president's balanced approach to this looming crisis. is any relief in sight? apparently not, because the speaker was just as clear and perhaps more candid about his approach in a telephone conversation with rush limbaugh. >> rush, i'm trying to do what i taught my kids to do and the same thing my parents do, you do the right things for the right reasons, and good things will happen. >> spare the rod, spoil the child, mr. speaker, and isn't that more in line with president obama's approach? >> we can pass a balanced plan like this. it is not going to make everybody happy. in fact, it will make everybody somewhat unhappy, and the easiest thing for a politician to do is to give you more stuff and ask less in return. it is a lot harder to say, we have to cut back on what you are getting, and you have to pay a little more. that's never fun. >> not fun at all. congressman chris van hollen is
12:03 pm
a democrat from maryland and he joins us now. >> martin, good to be with you. >> and the president has made it abundantly clear that he is having to make painful compromises and are you and the fellow democrats prepared to follow the president's lead even if it means compromising on the sacred aspects of the welfare system? >> well, martin, we have to look at what the president is proposing, because it is still the back and forth, but in terms of the overall approach, we agree with the president that you have to have a balanced plan, and he is talking about $3 in spending cuts to $1 in revenue raised by cutting a lot of the corporate loopholes and asking the folks at the top the go back to what they were paying in the clinton administration, and so in terms of the general framework, everyone is on board, and the big obstacle has been that while we are willing to give the president a little running room to discuss that framework, the republicans have said no to even talking about the revenue piece. >> and yet there is some anger,
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isn't there, from democrats about the extent to which the president is prepared to compromi compromise, but isn't he right the do so given the perilous state of the debt ceiling discussions and the impending deadline? >> well, first of all, there is no agreement. there are a lot of rumors flying around about what may or may not be in an agreement. for example yesterday there was a story that the white house agreed to $3 trillion in cuts and no revenues and that is what understandably got a lot of people worked up. the white house has been clear today and from the beginning that any balanced plan is going to require real revenue. so i think that it is important for us to, you know, focus on what the president says actually will be in the plan and not what some of the rumors suggest. again, to go back to your point here, democrats in the congress are prepared to do a balanced plan, and that does not mean that we will agree with every element that the president may propose, but again, we think
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that the balanced approach is the right way and we have said that we will accept again, $3 in spending cuts to $1 in revenue, but. >> indeed. on the other house house speaker john boehner a short time made his position clear. let's listen for a moment. >> the house has acted. we passed a bill that raised the debt limit, and cut spending, puts real reforms in place and requires the congress to send to the states a balanced budget amendment. it is called cut, cap and balance. we've done our job. the democrats of washington have done nothing. >> mr. boehner says he has done his job. has he done his job? >> not at all. in fact, what they have said is unless you agree to their approach of the reducing the deficit they will prevent the united states from paying the bills with the terrible economic consequences and what is the proposal they have made? they want to inshrine in the
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constitution of the united states an amendment to make it easier to cut social security than it is to cut corporate tax loopholes. if you want to cut a corporate tax loophole, you need 2/3 vote, and they put it in the constitution, and medicare, a majority vote, so the american people do not want to put into the founding document this bias in favor of cutting education, slashing medicare which is part of the republican house plan, protecting special interest tax loopholes. it is outrageous what they are proposing and very few people have paid attention to what they are trying to insert into the constitution of the united states. >> and finally, if i could ask briefly, do you think that the conflict will be resolved by the deadline? >> well, yes. i think that it -- >> you do? >> well, it has to be. you know the president talked about maybe 24 hours or 36 hours or whatever short-term extension and i hope it is not necessary, but the reality is that people are going to be working obviously throughout the weekend to get this done.
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as you said in the beginning, people are sweating because of the heat, but people are sweating hard obviously around the country as they watch this process and trying to make sure that it works out for the good of the country. >> absolutely maryland congressman chris van hollen, thank you again. >> thank you. and for the reality from the rhetoric, we go to mike viqueira and luke russert. mike, it is your sense that the president is slowly persuading john boehner to move forward? or is this an illusion like a mirage in the heat wave? >> well, first of all, martin, welcome to the sweltering east coast of the united states. well, you know, if politics as it has been said is the art of the do-able, it is time for the divincis and the michael angelos to come to the floor. it is time for someone to paint the legislative masterpiece. and radio silence pretty much all day today except for the
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public pronouncements and martin, i caution you, because there is a lot of head faking. part of the reason that you have seen all of the reports stirring up all of the sudden is because the people have the agendas to promote one side or another or kill one side or another's proposal which you have seen in the last few days. congress will be working all weekend and now more behind the scenes wrangling, and luke can tell us more about that, but when the president talked about shared political sacrifice and shared political pain, you heard mr. van hollen an esteemed member of the democratic leadership saying that the democrats may not go for everything that the president is putting on the table, and that is significant. >> absolutely. luke, you have spoken about the ideologues and the 17 freshmen who will not offer any kind of compromise. are these individuals, can i ask you, are these individuals happy to keep the personal promise of not raising revenues even if it plunges the nation into a
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catastrophic financial crisis? >> well, it depends who is telling the truth in their opinion. they don't believe the warnings that are heeded from tim geithner or the warnings from moody's and they honestly believe they were sent to washington, d.c. with one thing to do and that is to cut spending and reduce the nation's debt. so they see it as very black and white. why are you going the raise the nation's debt limit when we are broke. a lot of them do not understand at this level right now what exactly are the financial intricacies to occur for the united states economy if this were to go down, martin. it has not changed. the gop aides will tell you privately from the leadership side that one of the biggest problems is to explain this issue to at love the n t lolot members and a lot of them have not held public office, but on the scale that this is. and mike has been talking about ohow many things have been going on behind the scenes. harry reid on the united states senate floor said that he has been out of the negotiations
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between the white house and john boehner. saying that he was not in the loop. that is an amazing pronouncement for the senate majority leader to admit publicly. so what you are seeing now is two men, boehner and obama, and they are the ones who are crafting the deal. i have heard from rank and file members that they believe that at lot of it is put together, and you will see most of the deals coming next week and john boehner telling the house gop conference that a deal needed to be out there by wednesday in order to avert a crisis that needs to be out definitely by wednesday. >> and luke russert, and mike viqueira, thank you both for joining us on this sweltering friday. >> thank you. and next the report card of the president's handling of the debt crisis. stay with us. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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president obama took his push for a big debt deal on the road today, taking it up with the american people in a town hall meeting at the university of maryland. getting a brief respite from the weeks of negotiations on raising the debt ceiling. >> don't get me wrong, there is nothing that i enjoy more than sitting hour after hour, day after day debating the fine points of the federal budget with members of congress. [ laughter ] but after a while, you do start feeling a little cooped up. >> cooped up indeed. >> over the last few weeks the president emerging from the talks to make appearance after appearance before the news cameras and using every metaphor he could to get the deal done. >> we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas.
12:15 pm
they, tomorrow, are prepared to start talking turkey. >> the town hall today clearly gave the president a little bit of the lighter side before what house speaker boehner predicts is a hot weekend in washington. >> obviously, you have had a successful presidency, but is there anything -- >> well, that is not obvious to everyone. >> my name is steve. i'm a doctoral student here. >> what are you studying? >> political rhetoric. >> uh-oh. [ laughter ] how am i doing so far? >> pretty good. >> i feel like i'm getting graded up there. >> and so with the president facing criticism up to the right and the left on entitlements, how is he doing in negotiating the debt talks? i'm joined now by msnbc contributor goldie tailor, and do you think that given the pressure around the debate the president should stop appearing before the cameras, and stop
12:16 pm
putting things on facebook and stop tweeting and have a discussion. >> it would be refreshing if both sides of the argument got down the brass tacks and started getting down to the economy before they drive it over a ditch. living in an information age where the constituents and the american voters are craving information, but sometimes less is more. >> well, it is not helping, because mr. boehner goes into the meeting and comes out to completely attack what has gone on beforehand and that cannot help the agreement between the two of them. >> well, you have to start examining the motivations of the meeting and are people negotiating in good faith or gamesmanship. when mitch mcconnell says that the number one mission is that president obama is not re-elected, i have to ask him why the number one mission is not creating jobs and closing the loophole and creating revenues and finding answers to the deficit deal. when the number one goal is the
12:17 pm
nonre-election of the sitting president, you have to understand they are playing a different game here. >> and thinking about the president's performance and you know that many democrats are petrified petrified by his willingness to negotiate, and senator fred lawtonberg says there is a little separation between his senate and the president's caucus, and is this wise for the president? >> well, this president is exactly the president he told us he would be. i was in the audience in 2007 when he walked into a room of 3,000 black journalists and said i'm going to washington to change the map. that was his very pronouncement that he was going to be the president who was about reconciliation, and about bridging across the divide, and what he did not expect was the kind of republican congress that would push back on every single thing that he did and that he would not be able to bring together, you know, people in a bipartisan way. i think that paul krugman called him in an opinion piece the conceder in chief. and that is a tough place for
12:18 pm
him to be. >> well, you say that he made this promise, and he did -- >> he did. >> he said he would transform the partisan culture. >> he did. >> and yet if he has learned anything in the presidency, he has learned that washington is a quagmire of conflict. >> well, if he learned anything, he should be more like ronald reagan. he raised the debt limit 18 times in the presidency and not out told them, this is is irresponsible, and you are going to wreck the bond markets and companies are not going to invest in new jobs and drive the economy over the job and i will veto every piece of legislation until you raise it. >> final question, if he comes out of this with a deal and there is a resolution before august 2nd, do you think that he comes out as the victor, or because he is having to compromise, he will come out somewhat wounded? >> well, it depends what happens to the hostages.
12:19 pm
the american people are the hostage, and if the hostages survive and the social security checks continue to flow and the unemployment checks continue the flow, and the american economy sees a rebound and we don't hit the cataclysmic things we expect, yes. but if you look at thele po ll the republicans have taken a hit for the way they have conducted themselves so far. >> thank you, goldie taylor. the president has two daughters so maybe he can break the stubbornness of the freshmen republicans. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ whoa whoa ♪ everybody lives for the music ♪ time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. john and bill set out to streamline the bathroom remodeling business. they created bath simple, a bath in a box treating the bathroom as a single concept. they put the bathtub and the toilet and the tiles and the even the tiniest screws in one box. for more on "your business" watch sunday morning at 7:30.
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. president obama moments ago spoke about today's terror attacks on one of america's closest nato allies, norway. >> i wanted to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway, and it is a reminder that that the entire international community has a stake of preventing this kind of
12:23 pm
terror from occurring. >> a bomber in oslo killed at least seven and shattering windows of government buildings and littering debris through the streets. around the same time a man disguised in a police uniform reportedly opened fire at a youth camp just outside of the city killing several more. i'm joined now by nbc investigative producer bob windram who is gathering the latest then, and bob, there are confusing reports, but there are suggestions that something like 20 people may have been killed. >> what we are hearing most recently from the reporters there is that you are talking about 20 to 25 bodies having been seen at the youth camp. these are children, 14 to 18 years old, and this is a camp that is sponsored by the labor party, norway's ruling party. this is also a camp that the prime minister was supposed to visit today. so, what we have here is not just a bombing in downtown oslo,
12:24 pm
but a second attack which oslo police believe was related that may have killed as many as 20 to 25 children. >> given the nature of these coordinated attacks, does that lead you to assume any particular organization may be behind this? >> well, certainly, there have been a number of threats by al qaeda in the past, particular l by al sa wazawahiri, and many be this is possible the man who succeeded osama bin laden saying to the world that al qaeda is still relevant, but i want to
12:25 pm
emphasize that in everybody that we have spoken to officially, there has been no one willing to say that this is al qaeda, and there has been no claim of responsibility either. >> indeed. is there any indication as to why norway was attacked? because as i look at the facts, they don't appear to have a vast number of military involved in the operations in afghanistan or iraq. there doesn't appear to be a particular reason for why that nation should be targeted. >> well, norway does have special forces operating around kabul, has had for a long time, and has declined to remove them. and inspite of, you know, multiple warnings from zawahiri and others, and if you look at the internet buzz on the gjihad websites that is why norway would be attacked, and another possibility is that there was a norwegian magazine a few years
12:26 pm
ago that republished the danish cartoons that muslims found offensive, and that was mentioned today, even though the norwegian government apologized for that publication. there was a thwarted attack last year that al qaeda central was believed to be responsible for. so it is not as if this is something that has been pristine in terms of threats. this is the country that has seen a number of threats, and i think that also having president obama make that statement publicly today indicates that the u.s. government at least believes if not confirms that this is a gee hjihadi attack an qaeda central attack. >> thank you. nbc investigative producer bob windrem so you get the same coverage, often for less.
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we are changing day to day ♪ ♪ tell me why do the children play ♪ >> 11 days to a default and no deal in sight. as president obama faces downright intractable opposition in trying to push a big deal on the national debt. the foot stamping began early in the crisis with house majority leader eric cantor abruptly walking out of the debt talks with vice president biden and taking his senate colleague with him. the president and house speaker had to step in, trying to play the grown-ups over a decent round of golf. they came to the table all smiles, but when that broke down, the president tried shaming the frowny-faced freshmen of congress to sitting down and eating the ining veget >> well, we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat the peas. >> oh, they did not like that one bit. >> come on, president obama. quit scaring the american
12:31 pm
people, and quit talking about band-aids and peas. >> all right. what about pizza? speaker boehner tried to call a pizza party placating the freshmen house pledges with pepperoni and beer and even as some reports suggest, cigarettes. that is grown-up, right? well, indeed, it did seem some stress relief might be a good idea after the debt debate devolved into schoolyard name calling. take allan west who responded to budget criticism from congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz by calling her the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of representatives. well, that is professional, isn't it? the president, himself, addressed the stubbornness and downright childness at town hall today. >> we never get our way 100% of the time. that is what we teach our kids. that is what we teach our
12:32 pm
students, and that is how government has to work. >> well, every parent knows that children can wield enormous power just by refusing to do what you ask. so how does one deal with the stubborn child? let's bring in pediatrician dr. michael anderson with us from cleveland, ohio. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon, martin. how are you? >> good. what is your professional advice for dealing with the parents' nightmare the child that just won't budge until they get their way. >> well, yeah, the analogy of the congress and how to get people together is a great one and how do we get the parents' goals and the kids' goals to align is an age-old question even before the debt ceiling crisis. we have to first start from a positive attitude and sort of, you are to eat the peas and you have to eat the vegetables and we tell our parents early to make that a positive experience. how do you get the kids to think that vegetables are okay? do you take your kid shopping with you and show them the healthy choices? do you, yourself, set a good example by eating your peas and
12:33 pm
your vegetables? do you make eating a positive experience and not some sort of forceful, you have to eat these. so really the pediatricians start with the positive. >> sorry to bring you back to the vegetables again, but does that mean that a carrot approach works better than the stick? >> well, the carrot is more powerful than the stick. you want to ingrain it in kids that this is a positive experience, but i agree with the president, you will not always get your way. sometimes we stee the parents wo take such a hardline that you will do this and life is compromises and if the child realizes you will listen to them, an hear their opinion and somehow go to a compromise, the kids will gain a healthy respect for that mature attitude. >> whatp has if you give into the child's demand to have what he wants when he wants it, and what are the consequences down the road? >> well, martin, in the short term,t battle is going to
12:34 pm
calm down and the situation is over, and if kids realize they will get what they want all of the time, they will have consequences short-term and long-term. the kids have to know there is a sheriff in town and at the end of the day, it is their rule. and parents have to find some flexibility to realize that every once in a while, hear the kid out and find some compromise, but you are right, you can't always give in. >> experts like yourself talk about learned behavior, so what happens when a stubborn child does not change and becomes a stubborn adult? do they end up in congress? >> well, they indeed end up in congress or some other profession where stubbornness is a good thing and the point is well taken that you want to find a kid that at the end of the day, there are rules and you have to live within the rules, but there is room for compromise, and we can listen to tr other side, and listen or the concerns and hopefully at the end of the day come up with a better way of finding common ground. >> dr. michael anderson, i will
12:35 pm
send a clip of this directly to congress. thank you, indeed, for joining us. >> take care. and now if james and rupert murdoch believe that the difficult day before parliament is firmly in the past, well, they may have to think again. two former executives of news international have publicly contradicted evidence that james and rupert murdoch gave to the public committee. they say they came forward in 2008 that gave information about phone hacking that went beyond one rogue reporter. meanwhile, here in america, the justice department is putting together subpoenas as part of the probe of allegations of criminal misconduct by news corp., and a sign that britain's scandal is truly becoming an america reality. for the latest, i'm joined by martin fletcher in london. martin, david cameron says that the murdochs will have, and i'm quoting him, questions to answer. so that must mean that they may be dragged back to westminster.
12:36 pm
is that right? >> well, absolutely. you know, this is the accusations that are still rather published by the two former executives and by the way, they are not just former executi executives, but one was a executive of the firm and one was a top lawyer of the firm, and they say they had given james information when he was in charge of the committee, and so if it is proven that james murdoch was in possession of the information when he told the parliament committee that he had not been in possession of the information, that is serious indeed. much bigger problems to comen than what we have seen already. >> indeed. rupert has returned home to america. >> potentially. >> and it seems that the scandal has followed him because the justice department is actively looking into news corp. as the fbi and which should rupert be
12:37 pm
more concerned about an investigation in the uk or the u.s.? >> well, i would be more concerned about investigations in the united states, because he is an american citizen living in america and the problems in america concern news corp., the entire empire whereas the problems in britain is just "news international" which is the holdings in britain, and so it is a bigger issue in america, and fit turns out to be true that there is a case against him in the united states. the case in britain is real and immediate. >> absolutely. nbc's martin fletcher in london joining us. >> thank you. stop your messing around, rue dirks and tell us if you are really going to run. on health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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blood pressure, selectquote got him a $500,000 policy for under $28 a month. ellen, 47, got a $250,000 policy for under $20 a month. all it takes is a phone call. your personal selectquote agent will answer all your questions ... and impartially shop the highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. back with our friend and colleague richard lui is in the newsroom with stories developing. good afternoon, richard. >> good afternoon, martin. it is not discomfort, but survival now which is the widespread sentiment as a sweltering heat dome has claimed
12:41 pm
two dozen lives and including according to military officials a west point cadet who was found last night in a field is posing serious health concerns for millions across the country. 29 states are under heat advisories and the scorching temperatures are expected to keep the mercury levels high throughout the entire weekend. pentagon leaders are reportedly set to tell congress that the military is ready to carry out repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," and according to published reports the repeal would go into effect in 6 0 i das. the joint chiefs chairman are to sert if i thcertify that the po will not affect the military. and the nfl owners and players have reached an agreement, but don't start the tailgate yet, because the players are waiting to see the proposal, and they have until tuesday to approve the new collective bargaining table, and if not, then it is back to the bargaining table and if not, no
12:42 pm
football come fall. we hope it works out, martin. >> i do, too. and men and marriage, and a new study that shows we may be more shallow than most think. stay with us. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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i'm hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. here is a look at how the stocks are dwoing on the final day of the trading day. it is a mixed day with the averages. the dow is down 63, almost 64 points and the s&p down less than a point and the nasdaq is up almost 22 points. now, some borders bookstores have started to clear the shelves today with going out of business sales. the 40-year-old book giant has decided to liquidate after a potential private equity bid fell through. and now american airlines has a way to use randomized boarding and randomly assigning the travelers without elite status to boarding groups shaved
12:46 pm
25 minutes off of average boarding times. that is it for cnbc, first in business worldwide. martin, back to you. >> thank you, hampton. and now for the 2012 race for the white house and ges who is back and making the rounds? that is right the donald and former and possibly future candidate donald trump took to the airwaves on thursday to let the world know what he thinks of the gop field. asked about congresswoman michele bachmann and trump said quote, i think that she is very underrated person. she came to visit me, and i was very impressed with her. i think that she's very good. but then appearing to change from praise to criticism trump said if he doesn't feel that any of the current candidates can win, he will consider running as an independent. connie schwartz is a columnist with "the plain dealer" and she joins us this a afternoon. >> what do we play with donald trump, is he attempting kingmaker or attempting to get
12:47 pm
publicity now that "the apprenti apprentice" is over? >> well, i don't know why we are paying attention to him at this point. he lost all credibility with the birther nonsense and i would like to see him fade into ob live enyo yl live enyo yon live enyo y, because we have serious problems to address. >> you don't think he is an asset to michele bachmann? >> i don't think he is an asset to himself, so no, he won't help michele bachmann. >> and other grumbling is coming from former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani and this is what he said about his own party here. >> let's see where governor tim pawlenty is at. he has $4.5 million raised this quarter and the perception that he says. >> what kind of chance i have and how are the candidates doing
12:48 pm
and if anybody looks like they can win. my objective is that we cannot have president obama after you know next year. this has been, and look at what he has put us through with the whole debt thing. this is because the president doesn't lead. >> and interesting interpretation of the recent history there, but does anyone west of the hudson care about rudy julianny? >> well, you are talk to someone in the heartland and at the risk of sounding like a cranky person, both of them sound like teenagers. they run hard and don't win and they do things like build houses for the poor or become secretary of the state, and other guys don't win and they make a second career out of whining. i don't tolerate it ott ut of m kids and not from them. >> and they could write books? >> well, they can go off to make money if they want to, but not off of the backs of the american
12:49 pm
voters. at this point, they are a distraction and shame on both of them. >> and finally, on this friday, let's end it with humor courtesy of jon stewart who offered the special take on a serious candidate tim pawlenty campaign. let's watch. >> well, let's see where governor tim pawlenty is. he has $4.5 million raised this quarter, but he struggles against the perception that he is -- former minnesota governor tim pawlenty kicked off three weeks of barnstorming in the anticipated fox straw poll with a warning that iowans should not waste their support on charismatic candidates who cannot win. >> ooh, tim pawlenty taking a bold stand against charisma. [ laughter ] hey, look, this is not a popularity contest. oh, it is? oh.
12:50 pm
>> will anyone in this field inspire the conservative voters or do we have the wait for someone like sarah palin or donald trum tp to have the charisma that jon stewart was f stewart. i think secondly, governor pawlenty has a point, we should be voting on records which means we shouldn't be voting for pawlenty. >> connie shorts on this hot friday. thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. now to the state of the american family and three new studies which show the good, the bad and the ugly state of things inside the american home. michelle garland is a family clinical psychologist joining us from los angeles. it's friday afternoon. let's start with the good. a new study shows there are no ill effects on children's behavior if their moms work during their early years, the study of social behavior lls had an interesting finding, girls of mothers who don't work showed more social difficulties at age
12:51 pm
five than those with working mothers. is that counterintuitive? >> it seems counterintuitive. but it actually makes sense. what we're talking about is are these women happy. if you want to work and that's what you want to do, then you work. you're going to be happy. your house is going to be happy. your children will be happier. the thing about the girls being more -- having more difficulties with the stay-at-home moms, martin, is there can be an i'm meshment that occurs between the mother and the daughter when, if the mother is at home and we're living and investing only our energy into our children, it can be a serious problem. i deal with that often in my practice. >> you mean they become too closely bound together? >> well, that that's really the only thing within their lives. our children are very important, but we also as adults and as men
12:52 pm
or women have to have our own experiences and our own lives that our identity is not only formed and bound to our children. >> indeed. okay. that was positive. now let's have a bit of the bad study. a new study out of the university of tennessee found -- please don't hurt the messenger here -- that a thin wife may actually be the key to a happy marriage. what's your take on that? i've got to be careful as do what i say here. >> you know, martin, what it is really is about relative weight. so what this really is about is does the woman feel that she is thinner than her husband? and i think that's about women wanting to feel protected and engulfed, sort of in a way, by their partner. that's what i think it is. truthfully, i also think if a woman is unhappy with her weight, she's going to end up expressing that through the
12:53 pm
marriage, unhappy with her husband, unhappy with her children, as well as men. believe me, i have a lot of men who are unhappy with their weight. i think it's really about that. >> almost suggesting it's okay for the husband to be fat. let's move on to the ugly. a new study that shows our college-aged kids that shows almost half have received sexual images on their phones and 80% have engaged in some sort of texting. i thought anthony weiner was a salutely unusual case. >> right. what this is to me is we have to educate our children early and give them boundaries around the technology that is in their lives. let's face it, martin. texting and phones are not going anywhere. so we need to teach them what to do, what is not okay. that's the most important thing, and these have long-term consequences, and how they put themselves out there in the
12:54 pm
world is so important. >> mitch shell golland, i'm glad you've explained my wife is so happy, because i'm overweight. thank you very much indeed. >> you're welcome. stay that way. >> we'll be right back. and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. it's time now to clear the air. at last, after a series of stop-start negotiations, the president appears to be leading resistant republicans toward a possible resolution that will allow him to raise the debt ceiling and prevent a financial catastrophe. but boy, has it been an arduous process. the president has had to suffer tantrums, walkouts, name-calling and the sleeking abuse of talk radio. and calmly pursued his desire for compromise in the interest of the company. he's had to face up to honorable members of his own party who describe their reaction as volcanic when they realized he was prepared to negotiate on the sacred turf of medicare,
12:58 pm
medicaid and social security. yet still he persisted. interestingly, at this pre size moment, nobody seems to be happy with the president, even though, if an agreement is reached, he will have saved the country from financial disaster. his method has been a case study in compromise. in offering to double his package of cuts from $2 trillion to nearly $4 trillion, he's shown he's prepared to go the extra mile, but republicans have been so entrenched in their narrow ideological obsession, they've rather endanger the nation's global standing than offer a single compromise. the president's apparent willingness to cut social security and medicare has horrified his supporters and led some to accuse him of betrayal. uneasy indeed, lies the head that wears the crown in the unforgettable words of shakespeare's king henry iv. the president repeatedly said
12:59 pm
that leadership involves compromise. what he's also learned through this process is that the cost of leadership is loneliness and isolation. he's never been close to his opponents, but now even some of his friends are deserting him. sound familiar? if he pulls this off, he will have proven himself to be a far greater statesman than any of those who questioned his approach and rubbished his leadership. thank you very much for watching. matt miller is in for my good friend dylan ratigan to take us forward. >> welcome back from london. an eloquent commentary. senator ron widen and former senator bill bradley are coming by to help us make sense of the debt ceiling madness. plus a in-depth look at the all-important couch potato vote. the show starts right now.


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